Waterbergh facilitates the partnering of Gafitex, Italy, with Lamprecht AG, Switzerland, towards the exclusive marketing rights of Spikenergy™ in the Swiss Territory.

Product and Partners

Spikenergy is a line of therapeutic bandage products, designed for the effective and compliant treatment of diverse therapeutic conditions.

Gafitex srl, established in 1994 in Guidizzolo, Italy, is a leading company in the production of bases for tights.

Lamprecht AG, Regensdorf, Switzerland,established in 1884, is a full-services provider  for medical consumables and healthcare products in the Swiss healthcare market.

Waterbergh’s engagement

  • Review, compilation, and revision of sales docs.
  • Identification of potential licensors in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • Contact, management, and negotiation of the target companies.
  • Organization of management presentations.

Waterbergh was acting on behalf of the licensee Gafitex srl, Italy.