Waterbergh facilitated the CHF 12 mn partnering of HypoPet, Zürich, with Benchmark, Sheffield, towards the exclusive development & marketing rights of HypoCat.

Product and Partners

Hypo Cat™ vaccinates the cat against the allergen to which the human is allergic, thereby reducing cat allergies among humans. The cat will not be harmed as the protein to which humans are allergic appears not to be of critical importance for the animal.

HypoPet AG, Zurich, Switzerland, is a spin-off company of the University of Zurich.The scientific team has discovered the possibility to reduce the secretion of allergens known to cause allergy and asthma in humans by a simple vaccination of the cat.

Benchmark Holdings plc, Sheffield, UK, is the market leader in the supply of applied biotechnology, sustainability science and knowledge transfer to animal health, aquaculture & agriculture and the food supply chain.

Waterbergh’s engagement

  • Identification of potential financial or development & marketing partners.
  • Management, and negotiation of the target companies.
  • Organization and attending management presentations.

Waterbergh was acting on behalf of HypoPet AG, Zurich, Switzerland, in Cooperation with C2 Hansen, Starnberg. 


Finde the official Press Release here