Waterbergh facilitated the partnering of Medevice, Turin, with Humantis, Cologne, towards the exclusive marketing rights of ChondroJoint in the German Territory.

Product and Partners

ChondroJoint® is a polynucleotide gel for the treatment of painful joint diseases, to be directly injected into the joint.

Medevice is a wholly owned subsidiary of Medestea Internationale, based in Turin, Italy. Medevice is focusing on the research & development of medical devices.

Humantis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Medice, based in Cologne, Germany. Humantis is focusing on the distribution of private payer products to orthopedics.

Waterbergh’s engagement

  • Review, compilation, and revision of sales docs.
  • Identification of potential licensors in Germany.
  • Contact, management, and negotiation of the target companies.
  • Organization of management presentations.
  • Negotiation of the licensing term.

Waterbergh was acting on half of the licensee Medevice, Turin, Italy, in cooperation with Bioselenia, Milan.